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Tired of visiting sites that list everything a town has to offer in equal light? Well here's a list of a few unique and select cool Cleveland entities as picked by the staff at

***Key: (10mfd) = 10 minutes from downtown

Agora - Lots of musical history happened at this place (5mfd)
Cleveland Chamber Symphony - World's premiere new music ensemble
Blossom Music Center - Cool house with lots of grass (45mfd)
Cleveland Composer Guild - A site to find new symphonic music
Cleveland Orchestra - Consistency one of the world's top orchestras
Beachland Ballroom - A real deal alternative music venue (6mfd)

Beck Center - Inner suburb ring - high quality (10mfd)
Cleveland Public Theatre - CPT, alternative theater (2mfd)
Cleveland Play House - Cool stuff all year long (5mfd)
Playhouse Square - Anchor to Cleveland's own Broadway-like theater district (2mfd)

Inlet dance - Contemporary Dance
Verb Ballets - Contemporary Dance

Browns - Our favorite son (1mfd)
Cavaliers - Another favorite son's (0mfd)
Indians - Our third favorite son (0mfd)
Lake Erie Monsters - Our almost NHL team (0mfd)

Park Treasures
Holden Arboretum - A cool place to hike (30mfd)
Wendy Park - See the city from like no other location in town (0mfd)
Towpath National Park - A place most locals know little about (20mfd)
Cleveland Cultural Gardens - You will be shocked! (4mfd)

Click here for local Food Selections

Hyatt - In the old arcade building, a jewel.
Renaissance - Classy world hotel. You will not be disappointed.
Bucia's B&B - Stay at a winery for the night:-) (55mfd)

CMA - Cleveland Museum of Art (15mfd)
Transformer Station - Something new on the West side! (3mfd)
MOCA - Museum of Contemporary (modern) (15mfd)

NASA Glenn - One of NASA's top Research Centers

Wine Bars
D'Vine - Downtown and has been around for a while (0mfd)
Market Avenue Wine Bar - In trending Ohio City (2mfd)
Rozi's Wine House - A wine & beer store with an enclosed patio (8mfd)
Tartines - Way cool little place in Rocky River (12mfd)
Wine Bar - In a near Cleveland suburb (10mfd)

Chalet Debonne - Largest family owned in the state, a happening place (45mfd)

Maple Ridge - Some of the best wines in the region (45mfd)
Markko Vineyards - Hard to find but it will be worth it (55mfd)
Tarsitano Winery - Friendly with outstanding wine (55mfd)

Indigo IMP Brewery - Small, family owned and operatated (6mfd)

Great Lakes Brewing Co. - The best known in Cleveland (5mfd)
Market Garden Brewery - The best outside patio in all seasons (5mfd)

Cool Recommendations from
The City Club of Cleveland - Oldest public forum in the nation
Cleveland Flats Symphony - A Symphonic tour of the Cleveland Flats area
AZooNY Band - Alternative rock
Cleveland Fashion Week - A lot of parties and happening events (usually held in May)
Ingenuity - Yearly Art and Technology Festival

Cleveland's AZooNY Band

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